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Relationship Issues and Finances

August 6, 2009

In marriage counseling, communication is an important component.  Harmful communications such as yelling, blaming and degrading are certainly not helpful in resolving any relationship issue, especially relating to finances. Often, partners have different spending habits and ideas about saving.  Money Magazine recommends to “Make peace with your money” by sitting down for 45 minutes a week to discuss financial issues.  If you are unable to do this peacefully and effectively, it is advisable to seek marriage counseling.  Consultation with a psychologist will probably identify other significant relationship issues.

Anxiety and Stress Regarding the Economy

June 17, 2009

Recently, a client remarked  “If the stock market went back to its peak, I would be much healthier.”  Anxiety and stress may have  a profound effect on not only our emotional states, but also our physical states.  Anxiety, worry, anger and fear; sadness and depression; and medical issues (such as chronic pain, hypertension, and heart disease) may be worsened by the economy. 

How do we cope to diminish this stress?  First, make a financial plan of action. Next. cope with your emotions – practice relaxation and alter your negative, pessimistic thoughts.  Work on your medical issues – follow the physician’s treatment regimen, find pleasurable activities, get some exercise (just walking is great), spend quality time with your partner and other family members.

Anxiety and stress are part of life, but we can cope with them to diminish their effects.  If you need help dealing with anxiety and stress, call Dr. Nadler.

Smoking Cessation

June 8, 2009

Governor Crist has added new motivation to enroll in the three session quit smoking program.  Effective July 1st there is a $1-per-pack increase in the state tax on cigarettes.  A pack a day smokerwill be paying about $2,000 per year to smoke.  That is about $2,700 to earn before taxes.  In these difficult economic times, the quit smoking program can help in both improved medical health and financial stress management.

For more information call Dr.  Nadler – Boca Raton licensed psychologist

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