Boca Raton Psychologist: Drinking Water Proven to Help Weight Loss

Brenda Davy recently presented the first randomized controlled study about the effects of drinking water on weight loss to the American Chemical Society   Two groups of adults, ages 55-75, were put on a low-calorie diet.   One group drank two glasses of water prior to each meal and they lost 15.5 pounds over the course of 12 weeks. The other group,which did not drink water before meals lost 11 pounds.  The water drinkers consumed fewer calories.

The conclusion for those of us who wish to lose weight (myself included) is to consume water prior to meals.  The water gives the dieter a feeling of a full stomach and may also prevent consuming drinks with calories.

The Boca Raton Psychologist, Dr. Nadler,  will give this article to those of  his clients interested in the psychology of weight loss.

Irving Nadler, PhD    Tel:  561-361-0711

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