Boca Raton Psychologist: Can Exercise Moderate Anger?

The Boca Raton Psychologist blogs interesting and potentially useful information about psychology.  Gretchen Reynolds wrote an article in the NY Times magazine section – “Can Exercise Moderate Anger?”  Research has indicated that exercise, particularly aerobic exercise has a positive effect on both depression and anxiety.  In a study of college students with high trait anger, i.e., a tendency to experience anger more so than the average person, were presented with neutral slides and slides designed to evoke anger.   On alternate days, the subjects either sat quietly or rode a stationary bike.  The dependent variable measures were  electrical activity of the brain and self-report of anger on a 0 – 9 scale.  The results showed that on both measures, exercise can reduce anger.  Previously studies have indicated serotonin as the brain chemical involved in angry feelings.

Certainly, much more work is needed to demonstrate the effect.  However, routinely recommends exercise for all my clients (with their physician’s approval of course) who have either anxiety or depression.  Now, in addition, the Boca Raton Psychologist  will refer clients with anger management issues to this blog to help motivate them to include exercise in their life.

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