Dealing with Anxiety and Stress: Understanding Anxiety Disorders and Effective Treatment IV

From the Good Practice –  “Licensed psychologists are highly trained and qualified to diagnose and treat people with anxiety disorders.”  Dr. Nadler has been trained to use several forms of psychotherapy including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) – his specialty.  His internship was psychoanalytic and on occasion he uses a dynamic approach interwoven with CBT.  He has also been trained in hypnotherapy. 

The treatment for anxiety is worked out in collaboration with the client and tailored to his/her individual needs.  As he has been named by his colleagues, Dr. Relax, because of his contagious tranquil demeanor and his use of relaxation techniques, Dr. Nadler has often been able to help people diminish some of  their anxiety in the first few sessions. 

According to the article, psychotherapy on a weekly basis generally takes several months to reduce symptoms of anxiety to an appreciable extent.  Dr. Nadler also was the leader of a stress management program for employees in a VA hospital for many years.  Dealing with anxiety and stress is one of the activities that he enjoys doing the most as the improvement in his clients is very rewarding.

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