Dealing with Anxiety and Stress: Understanding Anxiety Disorders and Effective Treatment II

Continuing the educational article from Good Practice, the major types of anxiety disorders are delineated – generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. (These can be googled for comprehensive information).  The anxiety disorders not only have psychological components, but also have physical components, which may include  symptoms such as insomnia and racing heart beat.

When anxiety disorders go untreated, the suffering continues.  About 30 years ago Dr. Nadler’s colleagues named him “Dr. Relax” because his calm demeanor was contagious.  His clients were generally more at ease even in the very first session.  In addition, he teaches a variety of anxiety reduction techniques that are quite beneficial to his clients. 

Dr. Nadler has a passion for helping people to diminish their anxiety and thereby improve their relationships, work more effectively and find more happiness.  Dealing with anxiety and stress is one of his specialties.

Irving Nadler, PhD    Tel:  561-361-0711

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