Dealing with Anxiety and Stress: Understanding Anxiety Disorders and Effective Treatment I

The recent issue of  “Good Practice” by the APA Practice Organization has a handout for clients entitled “Understanding Anxiety Disorders and Effective Treatment”.  I will present the information  in several blogs. 

The article starts out “Everyone feels anxious from time to time”.  When I discuss anxiety with my clients I have given the following example for the past 30 years.  Anxiety is necessary for life.  When you cross the street, you must look  left and right before crossing.  Young children, who do not understand the concept of injury and death, do not experience anxiety.  Therefore they need to be watched so they won’t cross the street and be injured.  On the other hand, if someone repeatedly looks left and right and has too much anxietyto cross the street, they can only live on one block and their functioning is severely impaired by anxiety.  Those who suffer from frequent and intense anxiety may have difficulty in building healthy relationships and difficulty at work. 

 About 25 years ago, my colleagues named me Dr. Relax because of my contagious tranquil demeanor and my ability to teach people how to relax. Fortunately, psychologists have excellent methods of dealing with anxiety and stress.

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