Boca Raton Psychologist: Increased Demand for Psychotherapy

Dr. Ken Pope sent an e-mail regarding an article this month in the International Journal of Mental Health about demand growing for mental health services around the world.  As the need for more treatment arises from the stressful economic times, the United States is decreasing services.  The states are responsible for providing services and in 2009, 32 state mental health agencies report cuts.  Interestingly, the United Kingdom “has designated stimulus money for workers who have lost their jobs and suffer from anxiety and depression as a result.”

Do we in the US want to have diminished mental health as the world  competes economically?  This does not seem to make good common sense or good dollars and cents.  I proudly worked as a psychologist  in the VA for 27 years where treatment was free or low-cost. 

What does diminished services by government mean for private practitioners, like myself now, when we are confronted with desperate people who cannot pay for psychotherapy for depression or anxiety?  The Boca Raton Psychologist thinks that our profession has an obligation to help some of these people, but we still have to pay our bills.

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