Building Healthy Relationships: Pre-empting Marital Strife II

The article cited in the previous blog suggests a “marital checkup” on a yearly basis to pre-empt marital strife and build healthy relationships.  In general, we have a dental exam, medical exam, check and rebalance our financial portfolio, and have automobile maintenance on at least a yearly basis. 

Why not visit a psychologist for couple therapy and make improvements in one to several sessions for healthy marriages.  What can be discussed?  A whole range of topics – children, in-laws, out-laws, finances, sexuality, arguments,  how to fight fair, etc. – are grist for the mill.  Working with couples in this way can prevent unhappiness or irreconcilable differences which may lead to divorce.  By the way, my wife and I just celebrated our fortieth wedding anniversary so we must be doing something right!   Building healthy relationships is a dynamic issue for couples to work on.

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