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Psychology of Weight Loss

June 17, 2009

Weight Mangement is one of the most difficult endeavors of behavior change in Americal life.  So many people know what to do, but are unable to consistently change behaviors.  Simply stated, the key to weight loss is to consume less energy than you expend.  The psychology of weight loss helps people achieve their goals

One of the challenges of the losing weight is going to restaurants.  You can meet this challenge in many ways and two are suggested here as follows:

1.  Select what you will enjoy but is not laden with excess calories.  For this, you will have to ask the waiter a series of questions to help you in your quest for weight loss.  You may have to learn to be assertive, polite but to the point.  For example, find out how the food is cooked.  If fried or cooked in butter as opposed to broiled, choose the latter. 

2.  Portion size – “small is better.”  Ask the waiter assertively for a take home package when the food arrives.  Prior to eating, remove a portion and wrap it up in the container and then in a plastic bag with a knot.  It is out of sight.  Then eat only what is left on your plate.  To make this more likely to occur, use visual imagery combined with the appropriate positive thoughts.  The visual imagery requires paractice, practice, practice!

If you need help with the psychology of weight loss, contact Dr. Nadler.

Anxiety and Stress Regarding the Economy

June 17, 2009

Recently, a client remarked  “If the stock market went back to its peak, I would be much healthier.”  Anxiety and stress may have  a profound effect on not only our emotional states, but also our physical states.  Anxiety, worry, anger and fear; sadness and depression; and medical issues (such as chronic pain, hypertension, and heart disease) may be worsened by the economy. 

How do we cope to diminish this stress?  First, make a financial plan of action. Next. cope with your emotions – practice relaxation and alter your negative, pessimistic thoughts.  Work on your medical issues – follow the physician’s treatment regimen, find pleasurable activities, get some exercise (just walking is great), spend quality time with your partner and other family members.

Anxiety and stress are part of life, but we can cope with them to diminish their effects.  If you need help dealing with anxiety and stress, call Dr. Nadler.

Smoking Cessation

June 8, 2009

Governor Crist has added new motivation to enroll in the three session quit smoking program.  Effective July 1st there is a $1-per-pack increase in the state tax on cigarettes.  A pack a day smokerwill be paying about $2,000 per year to smoke.  That is about $2,700 to earn before taxes.  In these difficult economic times, the quit smoking program can help in both improved medical health and financial stress management.

For more information call Dr.  Nadler – Boca Raton licensed psychologist

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Depression and Psychotherapy

June 4, 2009
Depression is one of the most unidentified ailments in America.  Often, people present physical symptoms to their physician that are aspects of depression,for example, headaches, but do not communicate the sadness.  Depression and psychotherapy can enable people to find happiness resime pleasurable activities and relieve physical symptoms.    Medication is essential for severe depression and may be optional for mild and moderate depression.  If you feel sad or pessimistic, evaluate your life and get a psychological evaluation.  Depression and psychotherapy go together.
For more information call Irving M Nadler, PhD – Boca Raton licensed psychologist