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Economic stress causing you relationship woes? – Some simple solutions

May 21, 2009

At a recent meeting of the Mental Health Professionals of Boca Raton, a local clinical psychologist with 30+ years of experience, Irving Nadler, Ph.D., spoke about the impact of the financial crisis on the emotional well-being and health of the vast number of people affected.   Specializing in behavioral medicine, the treatment of medical issues using the principles of psychology, Dr. Nadler works with many clients suffering from chronic pain or attempting to change their health habits.

With an exceptionally tranquil demeanor and a wonderful sense of humor, Dr. Nadler can re-state your problems in clear and precise terms, assisting you to find eaay to understand solutions.  Since change is often difficult, he will work with you to meet the challenge of change.

Dr. Nadler offers some good, yet very simple solutions, for dealing with a downsizing of your economic situation.

*  Improve the relations with your spouse or significant other – by accepting them “as is” in their attitude toward financial matters and having a nonjudgmental discussion about change.

*  Find “stuff” to do to enhance the relationship and reduce stress.  he suggests finding activities and events that are inexpensive or totally free.  For example, make dates to go to free concerts, walk along the beach or spend time at a local park.

*  Become more sensual and sexual.  For example, hold hands and enjoy the beauty of nature, using all of your senses.  Try giving your spouse a movie star kiss unexpectedly.

For more information information contact  Boca Raton Licensed psychologist .Dr. Nadler provides a free 30-minute telephone consultation.